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Business Conferencing

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GAC2500 is 7-way voice conferencing

An ideal conference solution that delivers a modern design paired with HD audio and a suite of productivity-focused features. The Android-based GAC2500 offers access to features and functionality not ...

GVC3200 is 9-way video conferences

A video conferencing solution for an organization looking to use powerful meeting and collaboration features through a versatile and flexible system. The GVC3200 is a powerful addition to any communic ...

GVC3202 is 3-way video conferences

A versatile and cutting-edge video conferencing solution has never been more attainable for small and medium businesses. The GVC3202 brings the powerful benefits of an immersive video conferencing env ...

GVC3210 is Video conferencing endpoint

The GVC3210 is an innovative video conferencing endpoint ideal for small to medium businesses who seek an easy-to-use yet potent video conferencing solution. By supporting top-tier video resolutions u ...
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